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The Lead Ingot, Aluminium Bronze Rod, Non Ferrous Metals and all other products offered here are of remarkable standards...


1965 To Present

Every business has a tough start, we too have experienced our share of successes and failures. At the time of company's

Our Purpose

Our intent is to perform well with each of our customer because we know along with quality offerings it is our dealings

We Have The Best of Everything

Nav Bharat Industries has everything best, be it human resources or technologies. The idea behind employing everything best is simple
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An Introduction

There is something exceptional about those companies who have been serving in an industry from long without any failures because if this had not been the case then the company would have stopped serving. So, every long-standing company either has something special to offer or a strong point that suggest company's serving from a long time. Nav Bharat Industries is one of the few long-standing companies, who have made their way to be elected as well as responsible for leading Metal Industry. Points that go with the statement 'there is something about this long-standing company that has made it reach at the top' includes 100% genuine quality Lead Ingot, Aluminium Bronze Rod, Aluminium Bronze Bushes, Carbon Steel Flange, Stainless Steel Flange, Stainless Steel Flange, Alloy Steel Flanges, scheduled delivery of orders, fabrication of products in special sizes for bulk order placement, to name a few. Serving since 1965 as a manufacturer and trader, we have truly and impressively made our way to success and most of all to customer's heart for whom quality is everything.

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